In our Life and Interesting Places Series, we are going to focus on experiencing different cultures and places that add value to our lives. Understanding how others live, work and raise their families offers new perspectives of how we are more the same then different. Life starts at the end of our comfort zone, so traveling to an unfamiliar place and eating different foods can bring greater depth and understanding to our lives. Finding strands of similarity in diversity allows us to have better understanding and compassion for those that are different. And a lot of places outside our local community are really pretty amazing once we understand them.  


In our Meaning of Life Series, we are going to interview experts of different cultures, religions, and worldviews and ask them the same 5-7 questions. We want to give a snapshot of how philosophical views of life, death, God and how our beliefs in the unknown affect how we live our life and find meaning in it. The conversations and topics will organically take on a life of their own but we want the basis to cover the same general areas of thought. Below are the basic questions being asked:

1.      What is the meaning of life?
2.      How does one find this meaning?
3.      Does life meaning change over time?
4.      Are we all interconnected as one?
5.      What prevents people from living their full potential or finding meaning?
6.      What happens to us when we die?
7.      Does life happen to us or though us? Does it matter?

Upcoming Series

Living on Purpose Series

In our Living on Purpose Series, we are going to conduct interviews or give detail accounts of people dedicating their lives to authentic representation of “living” every day. Of making a difference in their world in whatever setting they have been given. Making the world a better place by focusing on making their world of influence a better place, just by being present in it. We are going to focus on the same basic six questions in each interview or account. We want the interviewee to be able to share stories and examples and give us a sense of how their meaning in life is manifested into this world.

1.      What is Living on Purpose?
2.      How did you find your purpose?
3.      Has your purpose changed over time?
4.      How do/did you handle failures or set-backs? Any regrets?
5.      Do you think we are all interconnected? Does it matter?
6.      Did others play a role in your Living on Purpose?