Mark Pumphrey

Mark is our data specialist. He is a master at Google Docs and Excel. His love for numbers and creating and implementing formulas to create clean data for analysis. He is able to understand the problem at hand and figure out ways to work around issues and problem solve. Working with a wide range of customers and their needs gives him the ability to be creative and build systems and spreadsheets specific for the most simplistic implementation.

Mark is able to take data and find patterns in that data. He can work with different programs in determining the best approach in providing quantitative and qualitative analysis. He can work with organizations in creating better reporting processes and proving clean data to fulfill organizational goals.

Mark is not afraid to guide people in new directions and help take complicated data and make it easy for others to explain and implement. His “people person” attitude and ability to think outside the box is such an asset to organizations and individuals collecting research and dissertation data.

Policy and procedure creation and business plan implementation are areas that Mark enjoys. He loves working with customers one-on-one and helping people find their most successful path. He is dedicated to using his skill sets to maximize individual and organizational successes.

Mark works with organizations in helping to find the best and most successful means for fund raising. This requires working one-on-one with individuals and organizations determining through their needs and what opportunities they have to raise the most money possible.

Mark is also KLStewartGroup customer service and collection seminars specialist. He provides day seminars and presentations on the most successful tactics to fulfilling company goals by helping employees understand how to assess others. This requires giving personal stories and examples of how to satisfy customer needs while staying within company policy and procedures. This skill set is not easy to teach but can provide financial benefit to the company when working within policy.

Mark also works with Dr. Stewart and No Boundaries on best practices and new ways of thinking outside the box on working with individuals with disabilities. His most recent trip was hiking the Grand Canyon.




Kristie Stewart

Dr. Kristie Stewart embraces the motto of being a servant and being the change you want to see in the world. She has a priority of leaving this planet a little better than she should found it. She has a sense of dedication and concern for the world around her. She believes that helping others find their “place” and “purpose” on this planet helps her find hers as well.

For those that spend much time with Kristie they come to realize her adamant dislike for the concepts and words: can’t, never and should. These are words and concepts that limit us and shrink our world and our organizations, they directly limit our ability for success and happiness. These concepts prevent us from living a life on and for a purpose. One of her favorite quotes is from Star Wars…there is no try, only do. And when you focus on can’t, never and should you don’t believe and according to Yoda himself…”that is why we fail”. Failure is not an option for Dr. Stewart. She believes that everyone can accomplish their goals, it just may require a modified form of implementation. She has a passion and a gift for getting people to accomplish what they believe unachievable. Helping people and organizations define what they want and creating a plan to accomplish those goals requires thinking outside the box, a gift that Kristie has mastered. Most times this requires diversity of thought and embracing change. Diversity offers a kaleidoscope of color that gives adventure, excitement and danger to our world, and yes, sometimes should be viewed from a distance. But finding the strand of similarity provides a starting point for compassion and understanding.

Kristie is a university professor, business and church consultant, and custom travel specialist. She holds advanced degrees and various publications in leadership, management, and business and is considered academic scholar in the area of management skills within ministry.

Helping businesses and individuals find creative ways of maximizing differences and using similarities in the creation of relationships is a recipe for professional and personal success. Dr. Stewart owns several businesses that all have the primary focus of implementing these ideas in different ways: KLStewart Inc, KLStewart Group(dba), No Boundaries Living Local Acting Global, and New Thought Living (501c3). She is also in the publication process for a children’s books series, Bosley’s Big Adventure (dba).