• Data Collection
  • Data Interpretation
  • Dissertation Assistance

Data Collection/Interpretation
KLStewart Group can help you organize, collect data and interpret that data as needed. If you are looking for a qualitative or quantitative collection we can help you develop questions that remove as much bias as possible and help to retrieve the best and most accurate data possible. We will help in selecting a sampling group from an appropriate population and use the most appropriate means of interpreting this data, using Excel, Google, SPSS or other data delivery software. This service is custom to your organization needs.

Dissertation Assistance
KLStewart Group provides dissertation assistance in the data collection process as well as proofing and APA setting of your paper. After direction from your committee we can help guide you to the needed resources, help in finding appropriate articles and support in the organizational aspect of your dissertation.

Fund Raising
KLStewart Group are masters at creative ways of fund raising for your organization or group. Whether you are trying to raise money for your church group, travel trip or cheerleading squad we can help.  We specialize in helping individuals take a passion and turn that into a fund raising opportunity. An example of past services: for a local church we created a plan for First Friday Movie night. They were able to raise thousands of dollars, increase church attendance and provide a local outreach service all built into one project. We have helped many mission groups raise money for their mission trips. We have directed groups to local business that allow not-for-profit groups to work for a set income, these include the sporting events and parking opportunities for city and state events.  We offer this as a custom service and will work directly with your organization to maximize the resources within your organization and your local communities.


Ministry is a tricky “business”. With so many different religions and different ideologies within the same religion it is difficult to follow any one plan of action. With so many “business” issues within an entity that is not looked at as a business most churches have a very difficult time in developing plans that can actually be implemented?  This can include strategic plans, financial responsibility planning, church growth, and senior minister replacement and termination issues. KLStewart Group focuses on working with Senior Ministers in resolving the above issues from the perspective of the senior minister. This is unfortunately a much needed service for senior ministers, regardless of religion.

Mission/Vision/Value Statement
Mission and Vison Statements are very important definitions of who you are and where you are headed. This is true for individuals as well as organizations. For companies it is essential that you word your statements correctly, both so your customers understand who you are but also, and maybe more important, your employees know who you are and what they are working towards. Vison and Value Statements are defining who you are and what you stand for, a very broad view picture. The mission statement is a more direct map of how do we follow those visions and stand by our values. Example: if our vision is to get to New York City and we are leaving Chicago and headed west, we are not likely to get to New York. The mission statement tells us the map that we are going to follow to get from where we are to where we want to go. The words we use are critical in delivering this message in a short and easy phrase that customers and employees understand. We can help custom write these statements with your leadership team as well as business planning, strategic planning and implementation strategies.

Living in Retirement
During our working years we have financial planners and life coaches to help us make our life successful, both financially and personally to retirement. But then what…how do we make the most of the rest of our lives. Many people work their entire life and have no idea what they would do if they retired. When one spends most of their adult life consumed with their job the thought of time to do whatever they want is a bit overwhelming. Many want to spend more time with their families that are now on the same journey with their financial planners and life coaches.   How does one take their hobbies and interests and turn them into activities and fun pursuits in retirement. We can help you find ways to turn hobbies into ways of life. We can help you see outside the box and look at opportunities that you never imagined and if you don’t have a bucket list we can help you put one together, as you move forward in living your life to the fullest. One area that is traveling in retirement and seeing those places you have dreamed about. We specialize in family/multi-generational travel opportunities through our sister business, No boundaries Travel (nbtravel.org). Most of us spend time and money preparing for retirement but fail to spend the time to figure out ways to maximize every resource we have to live that life to the fullest in retirement.

Consulting Services

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  • Fund Raising
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  • ​Living in Retirement

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