New Thought Living (NTL) is a Not-for-profit, 501©3 organization that was created to help expand the concept of living life with and on purpose. Its grounded values are to help those in our local and international communities. One of the ways of implementing this concept is to live lives as an example and let the Christ light within shine without judgement, accepting everyone right where they are in their life journey. Life is just that: a journey. A journey of helping those in need and in turn having a life that makes a difference in our world.

​New Thought Living gives a platform for making this happen. Donations are tax-deductible and there is zero overhead nor administrative costs. This means that 100 percent of all money raised or donated goes directly to those in need. All administrative activities are volunteer based. Below are some examples of mission trips and programs that we sponsor.

Mosquito nets around the world. NTL worked with the Indiana Women’s Prison to purchase materials for the women to make mosquito nets. The offenders created an original design of nets that was specific to the needs of mothers in Africa. Eighty percent of incarcerated women in Indiana are mothers so this opportunity gave them a way to connect to the world in a way they never thought possible. They were helping other mothers save their kids from dying a horrible death and doing this from a 15 acre complex a world away. During the project we shipped nets to four countries in Africa and supported an orphanage in Ecuador.

NTL sent two people to Thailand after the devastating tsunami. They spent three weeks within local communities rebuilding houses. Pouring cement in 120 degree heat was no joke and was extraordinarily difficult. This project was in conjunction with the Phuket Project and World Vision International.

NTL has sponsored many trips in Ecuador and Peru to deliver school supplies to rural areas. One trip was so remote that it required four planes, two cars, and five hours on a boat to get to the island on the Bolivia border on Lake Titicaca. The kids had never seen an eraser that went on the end of a pencil and having their own pen was a treat they had never had. For the teenagers in our group it was life changing to see the simplistic nature and what little was required to live a happy life. A current project underway is to deliver medical personnel and supplies to Ecuador in 2017.

The largest and long-term project is sponsoring tuition for kids to attend school in Olon, Ecuador. For $100 a year we can sponsor a student. This fee includes tuition, lunch, books and school uniforms for a year. We currently sponsor between 24-30 kids per year. We also have provided textbooks in Spanish for business and culinary classes. This allowed the school to expand their offering in two disciplines that are current areas for employment opportunities in Ecuador.