No Boundaries believes that regardless of age, physical ability or disability that the family can go as a multi-generational unit and all can have the same fulfilling experience.  We have trips that are specifically designed for those with physical limitations.

We specialize in adventure trips that range from zip lines to walking 565 miles on the Camino de Santiago.  Hike the Inca trail in Peru, observe humpback whales and Blue Footed Boobies in Ecuador and go cave tubing in Belize.  We will work with you to develop an adventure that will allow our guests to get acquainted with each country's history and culture as well.

No Boundaries' mission is to offer fun, exciting, and unique trips to a wide spectrum of personal and group abilities and interests.  We accomplish that through customized day trips and vacation planning for families and groups in which individuals have different needs, abilities, and preferences for adventure.  Outcomes of these adventures include: 

personal growth for each individual whether that is physical, cultural, intellectual, spiritual or interpersonal.

Enhanced group relationships through a better understanding of each individual's unique, personal attributes, increased tolerance for differences between group members, and enhanced group skills.  Economic support for all geographical locations including the host and target countries.

Families, missionary groups, and individuals participate in community projects that give back to society and replenish their own spirit. Deliver mosquito nets to prevent and mitigate malaria; provide educational support through personal interaction with students or visit with children who will benefit from scholarships; or allow us to design your own missionary trip focused on the country and need of your choice.  No Boundaries staff have participated in mission trips or projects on four continents.  

Share an adventure customized to meet the needs of your entire family.  We work to accommodate special needs, interests, and abilities.  Travel to Peru where, while the most adventurous hike Machu Picchu, youngsters can play or participate in cultural events and those who prefer walking into stores to hiking mountains, can shop and be driven to the top of Machu Picchu where the entire family can enjoy a traditional Peruvian meal.

Our trips allow you to experience adventure like you've never experienced it before!  Be the daredevil you want to be.  Zip line Superman style. Go cave tubing, kayaking, or canoeing. Ride on horseback.  Engage in challenging adventures. All with the peace of mind that a tour guide and an assistant will be by your side.

Literary Cultural Travel
Literary/Cultural Travel provides educational and cultural opportunities that combine arts, history, and culture with travel.  Guests are immersed in topics through visits to museums and historical sites, interaction with subject matter experts, and group discussions designed to educate (by providing new information), stimulate (through various experiences and mediums), and accommodate (with the best experience possible for a reasonable cost).

No Boundaries is an American-owned travel company established to meet the needs of  Family,  Adventure and Mission Travelers