December 6 - Feminism Today - Mark and Kristie interview Dr. Marion Wagner and get an education on the history of feminism, where we are on women's issues today and where we need to go in the future. And interestingly it seems Mark is more of a feminist than Kristie. 

April 11 - Life Balance - Today’s show we are going to talk about the concept of balance. Our guest Dr. Deborah Mills will help us see some interesting ways we can balance some of those hard topics...including balancing different religious beliefs and how those fit with the concepts of spirituality and the supernatural.

August 2 - Symbolic/ambiguous loss - Mark and Kristie talk with guest Mary Pivarunis on the topic of loss and grieving those symbolic and ambiguous losses that we don’t perceive as vitally important to grieve. How we minimize loss that we don’t think is that important. Some examples can be loss of a job, growing older and loss of ability to do what one has always been able to do, even moving from a long-standing home. When these losses are able to be grieved it can be freeing and healing when people know its ok to grieve these types of losses. 


February 8 - Camino de Santiago

Kristie and Mark will discuss finding one's life purpose by completing a sacred pilgrimage.  Joining them will be guest Donna Richardson to share her experiences of the Camino de Santiago

February 14 - Vision Quest - Today's show was a request on the ancient Indian tradition of the Vision Quest.  Mark and Kristie will take a look at not only the Vision Quest but other traditions of finding one's self.  They will look at how, and why cultures have put a priority on spending time in solitude, getting out in nature and finding one's purpose and fit within a community.  They will take a look at the past and some current ways that people strive to find their place on this planet.  And that each person's journey is unique.

November 15 - Viking Law - the Vikings were a very interesting people.  Today's show Mark and Kristie will take a look at the Viking Laws.  I think most will be surprised that the progressive thinking of the Viking's culture, especially as it related to women.  None of these laws will be new ways of thinking and in fact really resemble many current western values.

January 31 - 18 Rules for Living from the Dalai Lama - In past shows we have brought you Albert Einstein, Star Wars and even Wonder Woman.  But today they are to share the wisdom from his holiness the Dalai Lama.  We are going to address each of his 18 rules for living.  None are new ideas but all can be tough, especially in tough times.

July 26 - The American Dream Revisited
Mark and Kristie talk with Gary Sirek and his newest book: The American Dream Revisited: Ordinary People, Extraordinary Results
This book is a book of real stories from people of all walks of life, covering four continents, and doing incredible things and how they did them. It is a book of hope, optimism, and teaches people the value of determination and grit. 

March 29 - ​Hunger​  in Community -Today’s show is going to address a topic that is affecting 17 million people living in the USA…hunger. We are the wealthiest country in the world and 17 million people, including children, college students and seniors don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Mark and Kristie will interview Rev. Dr. Chris May and Kitty Seeling and discuss individuals hunger for food, but also their hunger for community. The One World Everybody Eats organization is offering support to pay-what-you-can café’s in local communities. These cafe’s are allowing communities to give a “hand up”, to those in their communities with dignity and respect. Kitty is opening a café in Indianapolis, Indiana and together they share statistics, business models and real life stories of how these cafés are making a difference in the lives within local communities.  


June 14 - Easier said than done - This is going to be Living on Purpose's 20th show. Mark and Kristie are going to look at many topics that they have covered in the  previous 19 shows.  They will answer some questions posted to them and clarify on a few topics that they seemed to leave up in the air or people wanted to hear more detail. Addressing many topics that are just easier said than done to actually live and follow thought. They created this show to get people thinking about what they do and don't really think about. Accepting that we show up in our not so best self at times and pivoting toward making changes that lead to better outcomes. Doing the best we can and accepting those days when we didn't quite show up as the difference we want to be in the world.  What are those things in our life that make life worth living that we don't give as much attention to as need or we would like. What is living on purpose? Have we gotten any closer in 19 shows of figuring that out? What are new questions they are asking themselves and maybe sharing some questions that have been presented.

February 1 - Living on Purpose - Kristie and Mark are going to discuss their definitions of Living on Purpose and give some examples of future shows.

July 5 - Perfection is in the practice - Mark and Kristie talk about if perfection is possible and if perfect practice makes perfect. If practice is about repetition then what things in our life outside of sports do we practice? If on average 76% of our self-talk is negative then what are we affirming to ourselves?


June 21 - Intention Matters - The topic of intention has been an ongoing theme throughout the first 20 shows. Does intention matter? What place does impact play in the overall perception of an intention. What responsibility do we have in having honorable intentions and following through with our intentions. How to be forgiving and understand that our greatest intentions can lead to hurting the ones  we care about...this is part of being human.

August 30 - Just for FUN - Mark and Kristie talk with Mary Pivarunis on why having fun in our life is important. So many adults don't see the value nor make time to have fun. They talk about ways to not only have fun but to make life more fun and the physical and emotional benefits to being a little silly.

August 9 - Man’s Best Friend
Today Mark and Kristie are going to talk with Dr. Bruce Mclaughlin about our four legged friends and how veterinary medicine, and over all views of our pets have changed throughout the years. We are even going to get him to tell us about how he brought home a horse as a kid. 

March 22 - Perception of Failure - Mark and Kristie are going to talk through the topic of failure.  This show may give you a new way to look at the perception of failure, how you can redefine it, not get stuck in it and plan for it.  They will present the idea that failure is just a perception and part of a process.  They share personal examples and try to give the listener a new way of looking at what failure is and what it isn't.

April 5 - Practice of Mindfulness - In today’s show Mark and Kristie will interview Linda Coutant and discuss the art of mindful meditation. Offering a wide range of options to find your own path to living in the moment. Linda will present The Tree of Contemplative Practices. The tree is an illustration of ways one can use meditation that is individualistic. She talks about how this practice of mindfulness is taking root in education, and helping corporate America offer creative ways to find work-life balance for employees. The concept of mindfulness and living in the moment is an eastern philosophy concept that is helping to slow down the fasted paced world in which we live.

December 13 - To be a Jedi - Mark and Kristie take a look at the cultural impact from the Star Wars empire. On the eve of the new Star Wars movie release they look at how the move has impacted the world, its link to ancient religions

and even Christianity. They give some background facts that you just might not know and review some Yoda lessons that can help us live a life with purpose if we just keep them in the forefront of our thinking. 


October 11 - How to stay in the good . . . through the bad - The past few weeks have been emotionally tough for many of us.  So next week returning as our guest is Dr. Michele Omara.  She will share some tools to help us deal with life's difficult and unpredictable times in which we live.

September 20 - 7 Keys for Inspired Living (Part I) - Richard Brendan is back as co-host with Mark and they will talk through the first 4 keys for having an inspired life.  They will talk about the importance of gratitude, being authentic, having a heart of playfulness and the importance of perseverance.

February 28 - Being Happy - Mark and Kristie did a show on why we are so unhappy - in this show they are going to talk about steps we can take to be happier.  Mindfulness and gratitude are two big ones, but some may surprise you . . . that the optimal temperatures is 57 degrees.  and a good short term tool might just be eating chocolate and drinking a glass of milk.

September 27 - 7 Keys for Inspired Living (Part II) - Richard Brendan is back with Mark to finish bringing the remaining 3 keys for living an inspired life.  They will address the importance of forgiveness, bringing love into the world and living in the present moment.

February 21 - No one has it all figured out - This show really dives into the truth that there is no playbook in life.  And that everyone has struggles and hardships, even if they appear to have it all.  Many people suffer in silence.  So understanding that not having the answers to all those why's, what if's and could be's . . . it levels that playing field for all of us on our interconnected journey.

July 12 - Walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes - Mark and Kristie talk to members of the Coalition for our immigrant neighbors, and discuss their upcoming event…Walk a mile in a refugee’s shoes. The event is as follows: 
Today, we are seeing the highest number of people forcibly displaced from their country of origin since World War II - 65 million people.  A staggering 21.3 million of those displaced are refugees with over half of whom are under 18 years of age. 

While it's impossible to fully comprehend what it's like to be forced from your home and to live as a refugee, Jesuit Refugee Service/USA, has developed a unique program that provides individuals and families an opportunity to begin to understand the frustrations, disappointments and hopes that face refugees around the world.

Walk a Mile in a Refugee's Shoes is an hour-long simulation that allows participants to assume the identity and role of a refugee. Through the simulation you will be given the opportunity to learn what experiences a refugee is faced with once forced to flee their country. You will encounter seven stations meant to mimic the process a refugee would encounter. We hope that you walk away from this experience enlightened on refugee reality and what steps you can take to advocate or a desire to get involved. 

June 28 - Best Vacation ever… - Today’s show was a request for Mark and Kristie. They were asked with as much as Kristie travels to share their favorite and least favorite vacations and why. So, they share their picks and are joined today with Kim Kuntz to outline their favorite vacation together. They took a week and traveled from Vegas via route 66 to hike the Grand Canyon to Havasupai Falls.

Day 1
Las Vegas –

Day 2
Hoover Dam…
Oatman Arizona…
Williams Arizona…

Day 3 and 4
Flagstaff Arizona…
Walnut Canyon…
Grand Canyon…

Day 5
Route 66…

Day 6 and 7…we would add at least one or two more nights camping
Havasupai Falls…

Day 8
Las Vegas and home (not mentioned in show but visit Ethel M. chocolate factory)

January 10 - Why are we so unhappy - Mark and Kristie look at some new research on why we as Americans are so unhappy. And is social media contributing to our unhappiness? Happiness is in the present, by staying in the past of forcing so much on the future we lose the now moment. And how do we find that place, person or thing that helps us slow down and enjoy our life. 

August 23 - Get Out of Your Own Way - In today's show Mark and Kristie will talk about how we stand in our own way of success and happiness. They talk about several very common ways that we sabotage ourselves at work and at home. What are some of the most common things that we say to get in our own way. And how to be the cause of your life not live in the effect.

April 25 - Follow the walking signs - This week's show we are going to take a walk. Take a look at walk signs that is... believing that everything and everyone in your life is there for a reason if you literally and figuratively follow those walk signs on life you will always be right where you are supposed to be. We interview a pretty amazing guy on his own life vision quest. Brewster is a guy that has a unquestionable faith in following one's path and trying to see all those walking signs in life.

March 21 - 12 Laws of Karma - This show was a request because of Kristie's love of lists.  Mark and Kristie will take a look at the Karma, where did the concept come from and how it is similar and different in religions.  They will take a specific look at the 12 Laws and how what one did yesterday can affect our life today.

Click here for Star Wars Official Website

May 24 - Why be good
On this show Mark and Kristie are going to look into that age old question of: why be good? Where does it come from inside us that we  have a desire to be and be seen as a good person. They will look at the influence of religion, history and science in forming our beliefs around what being good means and why it is important to some more then others.

January 17 - The Ethics of it all - Mark and Kristie take a look at ethics, morals and our core values and how these change depending on education, socioeconomic status, and geographic location.  They also explore our current political state and how we can understand things a bit better understanding how ethics, morality and core values impact our decisions.

November 8 - 10 Lessons from Albert Einstein - Albert Einstein is known as a master at physics but doesn't get much credit for his mastery in philosophy. Mark and Kristie will take you on a journey through the 10 life lessons from Albert Einstein.

April 18 - Transformational Leadership - This week's show we take a close look at connection. How important is it to have with each other. And how embracing the five steps in the transformational leadership philosophy at home and at work can model the way for healthier relationships and more authentic connection with those in your life.

December 27 - Leadership Secrets of Santa ( - Mark and Kristie interview Mrs. Claus and talk about Santa's leadership and management secrets on running a year round mega business. How does Santa keep engaged? And the big question is how did Santa deal with hiring Rudolph to lead the sleigh over more experienced pullers like Dasher and Dancer? Is it possible to have happy employees under such pressure of change and expectations of the whole world?  


June 7 - Criticism as Communication - Mark and Kristie will discuss how using criticism as communication can be effective and destructive. Mark will ask Kristie some questions relating to criticism in both business and personal settings.  Since misunderstood words can damage or end relationships, understanding how to deliver negative information and judgements is really an important skill to understand.

May 17 - Richard Brendan will be our guest this week.

Richard Brendan...Bringing Love to Life is positive and inspiring talk radio that serves as a voice for a movement for loving ourselves, one another and the Earth. On the air for 14 years, the program empowers listeners as it explores many of today's top social issues. As Executive Producer and Host, Richard artfully weaves compelling, down-to-earth conversations with today's leading Social Change Artists.  Richard  will be sharing his thoughts on the topic of Illusion of Separation. 

May 31 - ​Blue-Eyed Lie.  Today's show Mark and Kristie are going to look at the topic of lying. You may be as surprised as they were on all the different types of lies and all the justification that lying is not ok but it is a necessary truth to living a happy life and keeping friends. Of all types of lying the Blue-eyed lie seems to be the most destructive to ourselves, others and our relationships to the world. This show really presented some new ways of think about lying and its meaning to both of them. Do you know on average how many times we lie everyday? Who do we lie most too? Why do we lie and how easy is it to justify it? You may just walk away with a different perspective  on lying.

December 19 - Merry Christmas - Mark and Kristie take a look at the history of Christmas, some crazy traditions throughout the world and maybe a few things you never knew about Santa himself.


May 2 - This week Mark and Kristie are going to do something a little different.  They are going to take a look and listen to an amazing song by Nashville recording artist Cheley Tackett and her song "Magic Still Happens".  By realizing that being loving, compassionate, and giving . . . well that is how we make the magic happen every day.

May 9 - Natural-Born Leaders Academy
This Mark and Kristie are going to talk to Milita Carter about her organization, the natural born leaders academy, right here in Indy. An organization that is going into our schools and teaching critical thinking and a variety of other topics to marginalized youth. This show sheds some light on the major issue in this country of addressing all types of generational poverty.

Past Shows

Podcasts of Past shows are available on Indie Air Radio

​Use the link below to listen

April 19 - A New Hope - This show was another topic that was requested by a listener.We were asked about the topic of Hope. Why some people stay in a place of having hope for a good outcome no matter what life throws at them and some people just stay in a hopeless place no matter how life goes their way. Is hope intrinsic or modeled? Or maybe a bit of both. This show was a bit of a challenge for Mark and Dr. Stewart and it may leave you with more questions than answers. We HOPE that you tune in and just maybe get a new perspective on a topic that would seem pretty simple on the surface but when you really start to think about it…is quite complicated.

November 22 - Surviving Thanksgiving - Happy Thanksgiving. In today's show Mark and Kristie talk about how to get through some of those tough Thanksgiving family times. Knowing the difference between an annoyance and someone just being hurtful. They also look at some pretty fun facts about the Thanksgiving holiday that you might not know. 

January 24 - Credibility and Trust: does it really matter? - In today's show Mark and Kristie look at what is credibility and does it really matter if people think you are credible to living a life with purpose.  What are those characteristics that people look for and can you lead an authentic life if people don't trust you.

April 12 - The Art of Motivation - At the end of every show we are listeners for requests for future shows, so today’s show was a request. Motivation is an art not a science. Why do we get right up and complete a task when one person asks us but we drag our feet for a week when another asks? Dr. Stewart will explain the Expectancy Theory of motivation and how it is implemented in both management and leadership. She will also challenge you to see management and leadership not just in business terms but seeing how we manage and lead within our everyday life and how using the very simple three steps explained in the expectancy theory we can understand what motivates us and what doesn’t and why. Understanding ourselves and why we do and don’t do certain things can lead to a happier life and far less feelings of failure and judgement of ourselves and others.

July 19 - Life Defining Moments - Mark and Kristie talk today about life defining moments. What are those points at which the essential nature or character of a person is revealed or identified? And how is the movie Wonder Women a great model for living life on purpose and identifying those life defining moments. 

September 13 - Performance by choice: Nuts
Guest Tim Spradlin
Today Mark and Kristie are going to talk with an amazing singer, actor, director and entrepreneur extortioner. Tim has been sharing his talent with the world his whole life and now is in production of his newest show, Nuts at the Buck Creek Players and is opening September 29th and runs Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and Sunday afternoons for two weekends. Tim is going to share his story of how music and acting have shaped who he is and how he decides what new project to direct and how that whole process of sharing your talent with the world takes on new meanings depending on which side of the stage you are on. 

March 14 - This week we interview Dr. Deborah Mills. And we are going to talk about totem animals, what they are and how understanding your own 9 totems can give you another tool in your tool belt in understanding ourselves and how we interact with nature and each other. And how Mark and I both share owl totem.

March 7 - No, No, No - In this week's show Mark and Kristie are going to talk about that two letter word that is so difficult. . . how to say no.  One way to make it easier to say no is in the choice of words we use.  They also look at the challenges to not saying no.  Why we need to say no, and some ideas on not only saying no . . . but most importantly being able to stick with no.

February 7 - A Year in Review - It has been a full year since Mark and Kristie started this podcast.  They will take a look back at what were their goals and what new way did the show take.  They will look inward and how the show has helped to improve their lives personally.  The over-riding theme in the beginning was to get people to think about what they think about.  And they will share that no one has met that challenge more than they have

October 18 - Resistance to Receiving - The art of giving and receiving can being joy and happiness between the parties. We know that for the giver to be able to give there must be a receiver, so why are we so reluctant to receive. Do we not feel worthy, do we think there will be a cost at some point, or is just getting the attention something that makes us very uncomfortable. Some people receive graciously and some people will fight the process. But understanding that receiving really is a form of giving by allowing others the gift of giving.

January 3 - New Years Resolutions - WOW a new year. Who makes New Year's resolutions? Do they work? And where did the whole concept come from?

November 29 - Travel Safety - This show was a request from a listener and they wanted Kristie to give some travel tips. The show not only covers Kristie's three rules of travel but is really about safety in general. The tips are good traveling around the world or just simply going to your local downtown for some shopping.

October 4 - Norway - Mark and Kristie will be joined today with guest Sally Hillman, Donna Richardson and Sandy Mulinaro and give a recap of their trip to Norway and Iceland. 

March 15 - Communicating through our Dreams - This show is a bit more fun and lighthearted.  Mark and Kristie are going to share a dream, and their guest Mark Littlefield is going to interpret those dreams. Mr. Littlefield will explain why your dreams matter and what they represent.

 March 1 - Coming to America - Mark and Kristie are going to address the very hot topic of immigration.  They conduct an interview with Paul Andrei, Paul legally came to the USA from Romania, he will explain why he came to the USA as opposed to another country, what it took to get and stay here.  This show sheds light on a topic that is misunderstood and with so many false facts circling they will investigate the myth from the truth on the topic of legal immigration.  They will also address some myths on illegal immigrants

* This show was recorded before our new president's temporary ban on immigrants.

March 28 - Perspectives from a millennial - Today we talk to the next Howard Stern...yes that's right the self proclaimed prince of radio. The amazing 21-year old millennial has his own morning show and has big dreams for his future. Like his fellow millennials he wants to make his mark on this world. Mark and Kristie have a very interesting conversation on how one's life experience can really help make sense of your dreams of the future.

Please support Chris by tuning in on Saturday mornings from 7:00 am - 11:00 am EST.  To listen just follow the link below and go to Chris Shoulders Show or HD2 under programming. 


October 25 - The Art of Living and Dying - Richard Brendan is back with Mark sharing amazing stories of how we can all live more fully by understanding and embracing death.  The greatest lessons of losing those we love can be learning how to love more completely and authentically.

September 6 - Time Management - with guest host Kirsten Ranly.  Today Mark and guest host will discuss time-management and how it affects our life when you do it well and how it can be a huge detriment when this skill set is not as good as it could be. 

November 1 - The Art of Living and Dying - Richard Brendan is back with Mark sharing amazing stories of how we can all live more fully by understanding and embracing death.  The greatest lessons of losing those we love can be learning how to love more completely and authentically.

March 8 - Who are you people? - Guest Donna Richardson will be back with Mark and Kristie as they explore how living a life authenticity and with transparency can lead to some interesting conversations with strangers.  How do we live a life that the ancient teachings of Confucius and the Buddha refer to as effortless magnification of self? Do we live a life that is virtuosos? How would one know if we did?  How do we show up when we think no one is watching? Do we even realize what observers see in our interaction with others? Do we care how we show up in the world? They will give some funny real life stories that bring this topic to life. 

August 16 - Self Care - Mark and Kristie talk with guest Mary Pivarunis on the topic of self-care. So many people minimize the need to take care of themselves. Often time these self-care activities are not our everyday activities. One must make effort to find ways to rejuvenate your spirit and make actionable steps in providing oneself with care rather than waiting for others to provide it.  

May 16 - Decision-Making process
We make thousands of decisions everyday...or do we. How many decisions are we making that are just emotional reactions versus actually critically thinking a process through and making the possible decision based on all different alternatives. We will take an indepth look at the 8 steps of the decision making process and maybe shed some light on why sometimes we make good decisions and other times...well we could have made a better choice. And that embracing our emotions in our decision making might not be such a bad thing.

February 22 - Law of Attraction - Mark and Kristie will explore with special guest, Dr. Michelle Omera, how we radiate our energy into the world.  This is referred to as the Law of Attraction.  They will explain the Law of Attraction and give some tools to help you live the most productive and happy life possible, by manifesting what you want and putting your positive energy out into the universe.

February 15 - Meaning of Life - This show is going to be the first in a series of Kristie and Mark 's investigation of what is the meaning of life. They will present their thoughts and a framework for exploring such a vast and individual topic.

May 3 - Pieces of Wisdom from an aardvark - That’s right an aardvark. They will be talking with Guest Chris Stringfellow and offer up Ardy’s 10 pearls of wisdom from his travels. These timeless pearls will help us all take a look at what is really important in life and how we can take some lessons from an aardvark on showing up in the world from a more loving and compassionate place. 

10. Success is measured by you and no one else. 
9. Life can be hard but the small stuff is just that...small stuff. Decide if it’s really going to be worth worrying about tomorrow.
8. Patience really is a virtue and jealousy is the root of all evil.
7. “What if’s” really don't matter in the now. Move forward and do it better. 
6. Life is about the relationships you cultivate. Make the most of the moments.
5. Listening is an art...practice it more often.
4. Aside from all the BS going on in the world you’ll find most people are more the same than different. Concentrate on the similarities and embrace the differences. 
3. Assumption and perception are close to the same thing and we should probably not do either. 
2. A broken heart is better than having no heart at all.
1. Never miss a moment to tell someone you love them. It may be the last thing you say or the last thing they hear. 

Never miss a moment to tell someone you love them. It may be the last thing you say or the last thing they hear.

April 4 - Rising of the Phoenix - In today's show Mark and Kristie give another tool in one's tool belt for dealing with difficult times in life. One symbol that throughout history has brought hope is the mystical belief in the phoenix. The phoenix fiery death and rebirth from the ashes and its healing powers has given the hope for a brighter future for over a 1000 years. You might be surprised of how often you come in contact with this symbol around the world. And how keeping a focus on the ancient beliefs of this bird can provide comfort that "this moment shall pass" and that it can't rain forever.

May 10 - One step beyond the fear - Sally Hillman is going to be the guest this week and share some enlightening concepts on how to live your life to the fullest even into your 70’s. Sally has walked a half marathon, climbed the Camino de Inka in Peru, repelled down a rock face in South America, bailed a boat as it was sinking and tried hang gliding all after the age of 68. She made a decision to stay one step ahead of fear and to live her life on her terms. Even though she is battling Parkinson’s she has a trip planned to Norway in just a few months. It’s never too late to live everyday of your life. And Sally is a true example of this refusal to give in to age or circumstance. You may have to modify but you can still accomplish those things that you want to do. Never give up.