History of Indiana Women's Prison (forthcoming)
The Indiana Women’s Prison was the first women’s prison in the United States and the benchmark for many women’s prisons through the world. They have a history of progressive outreach programs and family preservation program for children of offenders. These programs include help to the local homeless population especially helping homeless children with Christmas presents and school supplies. They have also had global impact programs sending mosquito nets to four countries in Africa and two different continents as well as supporting an orphanage in Honduras. 

Surviving Prison (work in progress)
This is a help book for those that are headed to prison from jail as well as their families. This book is a “what to expect” and how to make the most of an incredibly difficult time. For offenders and family members the fears of going to prison are enormous. The books address visitation, movement, education, work, money, food, and many other areas that are major issues in the prison survival process.  It will also give direction to families on how to find out more information about the facility their loved one is housed and as well as policies and procedures they are required to follow.

Bosley’s Big Adventure (release Fall 2022)

Bosley is a Cavalier King Charles 11-year old boy dog with a heart condition. He travels to fun destinations and likes to give a historic account of what he is seeing as well as describing the fun things that he gets to do. The books are written for children and especially geared toward kids that have physical limitations. The books are written to take kids on a journey of fun, laughter, and education. Bosley writes the books in his voice and gives examples in his journey on how he and his mommy have to modify some activities on their journey because of his physical heart limitations. He walks the Camino de Santiago in Spain and envisions himself as a knight of the Templar. He races beside them as they save the pilgrims and he also has to stay in the hotel and rest a few nights more than planned.

He also travels to Newfoundland. The Newfoundland dogs that are as big as a horse, the moose everywhere that are as big as a car and the whale swimming out in his ocean are amazing to him. He also is taken by the Irish accents spoken by the locals once you leave the main town of St. Johns. And of course the best part is all the archeological digs that are taking place finding all the Viking history. With his love of digging he sees quite an opportunity in this place. The rain, seaweed, Viking legacy, and the absence of people are all his favorites.

Getting his kicks on route 66 is another book in the making. Getting his picture taken with all the old signs and enjoying hot dogs and hamburgers from original dinners were awesome! Starting in Chicago which is one of his favorite places and then seeing the 9ft roads in Missouri to the Oklahoma Bombing museum were unforgettable. And can’t forget the scary times in East St. Louis when mommy was running all the red lights…and the Grand Canyon. Really…it was so way cool and so big. I would just love to run and play there for days, once I adjusted to the altitude. So many cool things to see and smell. But was not a fan of California and their foxtails and my two surgery’s from them. So I will stay out of California in the future.

Other books forthcoming: Ecuador, Israel (Being Big for Your God), Rome and history of the Gaul’s.