Resistance to Receiving

Steps to Self Care - Mark and Kristie take a look at the very important topic of self-care.  The topic of self-care is something that we all struggle with and leaves us a feeling of hopeless and feeling stuck.

8 Powerful habits of emotionally strong people

 Perfection is in the Practice

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 Get Out of Your Own Way

June 10 #30

Due to the stay-at-home order for Indiana we are unable to record so we are going to spend the next few weeks replaying some of our favorite shows.

You are in control of your life

Symbolic and ambiguous Loss

May 6/3 #27

June 17 #38


May 27 #23

Importance of Gratitude - Neuroscience reveals that gratitude literally rewrites your brain and allows us to live in a happier and healthier place.  Gratitude is so important to having a good quality of life.