4th of July

Mark and Kristie have another request show.  They will be looking at the list of 20 interesting facts about human behavior.  According to the learning mind.com.  I think you will find their list pretty interesting.

July 3

June 26

Mark and Kristie are going to take a look at differences between positive and negative people.  We all get stuck in negativity from time to time or forced to be surrounded by negative people.  This list of comparison might just help in dealing with those difficult situation.

Mark and Kristie interview Jenni White, the director of Trinity Haven here in Indy.  Trinity House is a new homeless shelter for the LGBTQ community.  They will discuss some very troubling statistics on percentage of homeless gay and transgendered youth and how Indianapolis is starting to address this problem by opening its first homeless shelter to this needed population.

June 19

July 10