November 14

100 Shows - Mark and Kristie look at their first 100 guests and talk to a few guests and how their views of living life on purpose have changed over 100 shows.

Precursor to Change with ​Susan Callan - This week Mark and Kristie talk with Susan Callan on a topic we all hate and that's change.  They take a look at the 7 precursors to change.  None of us like change but understanding the process using this handy checklist might just reduce our stress as we implement changes in our life. ​​

Camp Tecumseh - Mark and Kristie talk with the marketing director for one of the largest YMCA camps in the country.  How they are using creative tools to help kids get to know themselves and take new found leadership skills back into their own communities.  How the camp embraces the moral values it was founded upon and helps kids and adults be the best they can be!

Europe on Foot - Kristie talks with Mark this week on how sacred pilgrimages are really a form of self-care and can help people reconnect to nature and their spiritual beliefs.  Kristie is back from two months hiking the Via Francigena and the Canterbury Trail in Europe.  She will tell us all about the ups and downs of walk almost 1000 miles.

October 31

December 19 - TBA

December 12 - TBA

November 21

October 24

Happy 2019 - Mark and Kristie talk about the history of the New Year and how is is linked to pagan Celtic religion traditions and how the new year had changed over time.  Everyone will be interested in how other countries' traditions celebrate the new year, for example; in Denmark they jump off chairs and break plates against family member's houses.

Happy Halloween Everyone - This show is all about Halloween and Mark and Kristie take a look at the history of Halloween and its similar roots as Christmas and New Year's.  And how pumpkins are really not part of the Halloween history, that would be the turnip!  And how bobbing for apples well that just may tell you who you are going to marry.

December 26

November 7

Happy Thanksgiving - Mark and Kristie explore the actual history of Thanksgiving and trace it back to its Celtic roots.  They also look at the traditions surrounding the holiday.

Future Shows:

Filters of emotion-Dr Michelle Omera.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Interview-history of the underground railroad and path to freedom.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Interview-Slavery today.  There are more than 27 million people currently enslaved today around the world more than anytime in human history

9/11 Memorial Interview - Mark and Kristie talk a tour of the 9/11 memorial and have a very in depth interview of what the memorial purpose is and how they continue to honor those that lost their life that day in World History.

Candles, Holocaust Museum and Education Center interview.

Mark and Kristie interview Eva Kor and holocaust two survivor and embrace her amazing story of life, surviving, and the importance of forgiving. They will also give everyone a overview of the museum right here in Terre Haute, Indiana.  

​Meaning of Life Series - Christianity

Living on Purpose Series - guest Sister Bernadine

​​Minimalization and Intersectionality​​

In our life and interesting places series - Peru

​Being realistically happy in an unrealistic world - guest Pat Sharp

Merry Christmas - Mark and Kristie give some great history of Christmas and all its holiday traditions.  How they came about and can't miss how other countries celebrate Christmas and the crazy things they eat.

December 5

November 28

January 2

Marginalization and Intersectionality with Dr. Barbara Ann Caruso. This week Mark and Kristie talk to Dr. Barbara Ann Caruso on a topic that they struggle with, marginalization, and how our world view is influenced by our location and unexamined prejudice.

January 9

Simple Formula For Living 2 - This week Mark and Kristie are going to continue to talk about a few things that we can all easily do that are a simple formula for living.  They take a look at how living below your means and stop blaming other people can really make a difference in our happiness.