April 8

April 22

Steps to Self Care - Mark and Kristie take a look at the very important topic of self-care.  The topic of self-care is something that we all struggle with and leaves us a feeling of hopeless and feeling stuck.

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April 22

April 15

You are in control of your life

April 29

Tiki Culture - Understanding other cultures is important to understanding differences.  This week Mark and Kristie have a very interesting guest Aric Harris and they will talk about the Tiki Culture and how having mental escape is really important to our overall emotional health

May 20 -Memorial Day

April 1

History of April Fool's Day - Mark and Kristie celebrate April Fool's Day!  They are going to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about jokes, gags and the best hoaxes of all time.  And Mark's favorite section . . . what other countries do on this sort-of holiday!  And like most of our traditions, how all Fool's Day is linked back to the Romans.‚Äč

8 Powerful habits of emotionally strong people


Importance of Gratitude - Neuroscience reveals that gratitude literally rewrites your brain and allows us to live in a happier and healthier place.  Gratitude is so important to having a good quality of life.

You win in life with people - This week Mark and Kristie  are going to talk about "How you win in life with people" They take a quote by the legendary Tennessee coach, Pat Summitt, and break it down into sections of how we can live a more fulfilling life all by how we define success and how we treat other people.