October 16

Common Excuses - Mark and Kristie have another show request...they will take a look at some of the most common excuses that we make that complicate our lives. 

October 23

December 25

Christmas Show - Mark and Kristie take a fun look at the history behind Christmas. Where the traditions come from and what other countries do and eat for Christmas

Borders and borderlands with guest Dr. Betty Bruther - Mark and Kristie expand the thinking of a previous show on the Mexcan/US wall being built and talk to Dr. Betty Bruther about the borders and borderlands that these walls are created to separate.

November 6

November 13

January 8

November 20

Halloween - Mark and Kristie share some of the history behind Halloween, they separate the myth from the reality of the stories we hear, and explain how it really is a religious holiday. They also give some fun facts about how other countries celebrate Halloween. 

Ways we keep improving - This week mark and kristie take a look at ways to keep improving. So many times we let life get in the way of keeping us stuck or failing to move forward. In this show they give some tips on how to keep your life moving forward. 

October 30

January 1

Thanksgiving - Happy Thanksgiving everyone. This show gives the historic view of how Thanksgiving was started and some common statistics about this day.

Today is a fun show giving some back ground on the traditions of the new year. Some statistics about our new years resolutions and how other countries ring in the new year.

Words Matter - Mark and Kristie welcome Guest Marcia Eppich-Harris to talk about words and how we use them. We have heard the phrase that words can hurt but we need to also understand that words have all sorts of meanings and using them correctly is vitally important in communicating.

November 27

Questions we should ask ourselves - There are Times in our life we take a look back with regrets and things we wish we would have done differently and ways in which we wish we would have shown up a bit better. In this show Mark and Kristie take a look at some questions we can ask ourselves that might just help us make a difference right where we are in the moment we are living. 

Reasons why we get stuck - Mark and Kristie will be talking about ways in which we get stuck in our own life and some new habits that we can practice to get unstuck and keep ourselves moving forward.