Happy Easter - Mark and Kristie take a look at the historic and culture significance of the holiday of Easter.

​May 29

How to deal with Difficult People - Mark and Kristie continue their series on how to deal with difficult people.  This week they are going to talk about how situations can create scenarios that we all show up as difficult.  How do we deal with people in our lives that are difficult and how we can see when we are the difficult ones.

May 8

Those 6 People

Future Shows:

Filters of emotion-Dr Michelle Omera.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Interview-history of the underground railroad and path to freedom.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Interview-Slavery today.  There are more than 27 million people currently enslaved today around the world more than anytime in human history

9/11 Memorial Interview - Mark and Kristie talk a tour of the 9/11 memorial and have a very in depth interview of what the memorial purpose is and how they continue to honor those that lost their life that day in World History.

Candles, Holocaust Museum and Education Center interview.

Mark and Kristie interview Eva Kor and holocaust two survivor and embrace her amazing story of life, surviving, and the importance of forgiving. They will also give everyone a overview of the museum right here in Terre Haute, Indiana.  

​Meaning of Life Series - Christianity

Living on Purpose Series - guest Sister Bernadine

​​Minimalization and Intersectionality​​

In our life and interesting places series - Peru

​Being realistically happy in an unrealistic world - guest Pat Sharp

April 17.

May 22

Differences in People - And this week we conclude our series on how to deal with difficult people.  We take a look at how personality and value differences can create conflict in relationships and how we can ​compromise or create work-arounds in communicating with people that are different than us.

May 15

This week was another request.  We go through the list of the 10 life lessons people should learn.  I think they are all things that if we don't choose to learn them, life has a way of teaching us..

​Memorial Day

April 23

May 1

​Fake News - In our current state of affairs in this country, Mark and Kristie take a different look at "fake news".  They have guest Wesley Bishop, an American Historian.  This show takes a look at some of those things about America that we believe to be true but that are not.  Example: That Columbus discovered America when in fact he never set foot in the USA.  And some new things that are completely different from our high school history class.  Which leads to the question of "fake news" and what is "real news" . . . and do we really know the difference?