12 Laws of Karma - This show was a request because of Kristie's love of lists.  Mark and Kristie will take a look at the Karma, where did the concept come from and how it is similar and different in religions.  They will take a specific look at the 12 Laws and how what one did yesterday can affect our life today.

Vision Quest - Today's show was a request on the ancient Indian tradition of the Vision Quest.  Mark and Kristie will take a look at not only the Vision Quest but other traditions of finding one's self.  They will look at how, and why cultures have put a priority on spending time in solitude, getting out in nature and finding one's purpose and fit within a community.  They will take a look at the past and some current ways that people strive to find their place on this planet.  And that each person's journey is unique.

Credibility and Trust: does it really matter? - In today's show Mark and Kristie look at what is credibility and does it really matter if people think you are credible to living a life with purpose.  What are those characteristics that people look for and can you lead an authentic life if people don't trust you.

Totem animals - what do they mean in our life.
Filters of emotion-Dr Michelle Omera.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Interview-history of the underground railroad and path to freedom.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Interview-Slavery today.  There are more than 27 million people currently enslaved today around the world more than anytime in human history

9/11 Memorial Interview - Mark and Kristie talk a tour of the 9/11 memorial and have a very in depth interview of what the me memorial purpose and how they continue to honor those that lost their life that day in World History.

Candles, Holocaust Museum and Education Center interview.

Mark and Kristie interview Eva Kor and holocaust two survivor and embrace her amazing story of life, surviving, and the importance of forgiving. They will also give everyone a overview of the museum right here in Terre Haute, Indiana.  

​Meaning of Life Series - Christianity

Living on Purpose Series - guest Sister Bernadine

​​Minimalization and Intersectionality​​

In our life and interesting places series - Peru

​Being realistically happy in an unrealistic world - guest Pat Sharp

February 21

A Year in Review - It has been a full year since Mark and Kristie started this podcast.  They will take a look back at what were their goals and what new way did the show take.  They will look inward and how the show has helped to improve their lives personally.  The over-riding theme in the beginning was to get people to think about what they think about.  And they will share that no one has met that challenge more than they have

February 28

January 24

February 7

January 31

No one has it all figured out - This show really dives into the truth that there is no playbook in life.  And that everyone has struggles and hardships, even if they appear to have it all.  Many people suffer in silence.  So understanding that not having the answers to all those why's, what if's and could be's . . . it levels that playing field for all of us on our interconnected journey.

February 14

18 Rules for Living from the Dalai Lama - In past shows we have brought you Albert Einstein, Star Wars and even Wonder Woman.  But today they are to share the wisdom from his holiness the Dalai Lama.  We are going to address each of his 18 rules for living.  None are new ideas but all can be tough, especially in tough times.

Future Shows: