June 9 - Power of Misinformation - We live in a world of social media and news reports with so much fake news, it's hard to know what is really true.  Today Mark and Kristie talk about misinformation and disinformation and ways to deal with it both in our external life as well as all the misinformation we tell ourselves and believe in our own life.

June 30 - Endurance - We are all aware of how endurance is important in working-out but in today's show Mark and Kristie look at how happiness is a spectrum of time and many times in life have to fill in those other moments by just enduring.  We want to be aware how quickly we can snap back into the flow of life and not live in that enduring state but how to use it as a tool to living the best life we can.

June 23 - Indiana State Games - Keeping Seniors Fit - In today's show Mark and Kristie interview Holly Schneider from the Indiana State Senior Games and her organization's mission to keep seniors moving and staying fit past 50.

July 7 - 4th of July Show (repeat show) History and fun facts about the Independence Day.

May 26 - Memorial Day Show (this is a repeat) Very interesting interview about what really is or should be the focus of Memorial Day.

May 12 - Which Side Do You Choose - We try to challenge everyone to think about what they think about.  In this show we talk about the choices we make and how we make a choice which side of the coin we choose.

Upcoming Shows

May 19 - 10 ways to start seeing the little things - We miss so much of life by failing to see the little things. This show Mark and Kristie give a list of 10 valuable things we can do to start seeing  those little things that make our life. . .living.

June 16 - Facts about the Mind - In the misinformation show Mark and Kristie talked about how and why we believe information that is not true.  And how we convince ourselves that it is true by telling ourselves blue-eyed lies.  Taking a look at how the mind works we might understand the why and how a bit better. 

Importance of Gratitude - Neuroscience reveals that gratitude literally rewrites your brain and allows us to live in a happier and healthier place.  Gratitude is so important to having a good quality of life.

June 2 - Types of Rest - Part of self-care is stopping and resting.  In this show we give a lot of examples of different types of resting and its importance in our lives to living a balanced and fulfilling life.

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