Filters of emotion-Dr Michelle Omera.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Interview-history of the underground railroad and path to freedom.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Interview-Slavery today.  There are more than 27 million people currently enslaved today around the world more than anytime in human history

9/11 Memorial Interview - Mark and Kristie talk a tour of the 9/11 memorial and have a very in depth interview of what the memorial purpose is and how they continue to honor those that lost their life that day in World History.

Candles, Holocaust Museum and Education Center interview.

Mark and Kristie interview Eva Kor and holocaust two survivor and embrace her amazing story of life, surviving, and the importance of forgiving. They will also give everyone a overview of the museum right here in Terre Haute, Indiana.  

​Meaning of Life Series - Christianity

Living on Purpose Series - guest Sister Bernadine

​​Minimalization and Intersectionality​​

In our life and interesting places series - Peru

​Being realistically happy in an unrealistic world - guest Pat Sharp

August 29. - TBA

August 22

August 1

July 25

Sticking with a goal - Suzana Rodriguez-Griffin - This week's show Mark and Krisite talk to Susana Rodriguez Griffin. She was the 2009 Women’s National Golden Gloves Boxing Champion. The number 2 boxer in the world and an all around badass. She currently is one of the top trainers in Indianapolis and lives out her personal motto of "Inspire Passion, Attract Success" and "Think positive thoughts, get positive results."  an enlightened conversation on just how to stick to your goals and be the best you can be.

Future Shows:

August 8

This week Kristie and Mark interview an amazing actor and storyteller, Jenni White.  She is one of the top actors here in Indy and her lead performance in Rainmaker is opening August 3, 2018.  Jenni has an amazing gift of taking words written on a page and transforming them into a mesmerizing story that unfolds live right in front of you.

Cheley and Tera Tackett Interview - Mark and Kristie had fun with this show. They interview Nashville recording artist Cheley Tackett and her wife Tera. Interesting to hear the behind the scenes account of a very exciting and successful life and how sharing your dream with your wife just makes the journey that much sweeter.  

​August 15

Coburn Place - Jenni White - This week Mark and Kristie talk to Jenni White.  She is Vice President of Mission Impact for Coburn Place right here in Indianapolis.  They explore how intimate partner violence is affecting our society and how important transitional housing is for a long term healthy life.

July 18

What one can accomplish when they don't know they can't - Othello Bach - This week Mark and Kristie interview 7 time best selling book writer, Othello Bach.  This woman has an amazing story of overcoming adversities in life. She couldn’t read till the end of the 8th grade but was topping the best selling books list by her 30’s.  Join us this week for an amazing story by an equally amazing person.

September 5

Rainmaker - Tim Spradlin - Rainmaker is an amazing play directed by Tim Spradlin. Tim shares why he picked this play and how the theater can teach us so many life lessons and how random life occurrences can help us figure out just who we are.

This week Mark and Kristie take a look at history, or at least how history repeats itself.  They look at the 4000 year Chinese history and the dynastic cycles and how those four stage directly relate to US generational history.  Does history repeat itself because we don't learn from it or because history has an unbreakable pattern that we are doomed to repeat?