March is Women's History Month, so for the month of March, Mark and Kristie are going to explore some interesting topics relating to women as well as some great life lessons from some pretty amazing women.

March 10

Definite Dozen - Pat Summitt

March 3

The Great Emancipator - How did the bicycle impact women. . . Tamara Haley will be our guest to answer that interesting question.

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April 7 - Resilience

Importance of Gratitude - Neuroscience reveals that gratitude literally rewrites your brain and allows us to live in a happier and healthier place.  Gratitude is so important to having a good quality of life.

March 24

Lessons From Queen Elizabeth II

March 17

4 Secrets to Living Your Best - Ruth Bader Ginsburg 

You are in control of your life

March 31

10 Leadership lessons we can learn from Eleanor Roosevelt