As a sponsoring member or by underwriting the Living on Purpose Radio Show 20% of your sponsorship money goes to Indie Air Radio and is used to further the vision of the station and help provide independent artists a platform to put their gift out into the world.  The remaining 80% goes directly to the artists and DJ’s you are sponsoring.

Week after week in our show we share the concept of taking your gifts to make a difference in your world, right where you are with the opportunities you have been given. One way that we are modeling this concept is by taking all sponsorship proceeds from our show to provide scholarships to children in Olon, Ecuador through New Thought Living, a non-profit 501C3.

We encourage anyone benefiting from our show to sponsor our show for $10 a month. Know that you are making a difference with countless artists and listeners of Indie Air Radio by giving them financial support to keep spreading their gift into the world and you are also helping needy kids to go school, an opportunity most of the children we sponsor would not have. It’s a win-win, support what you enjoy and make a difference in the world!

Santa Maria Del Fiat School

The school is located in a small coastal town in southern Ecuador atop a beautiful cliff overlooking the ocean. It was founded more than 40 years ago by a priest from Switzerland that saw a need and had a vision to open a school, orphanage and raise money to provide a small medical clinic to the poor community in Olon. His vision has turned the school into one of the top ten schools in Ecuador.

This area is still a very poor part of an already poor country. So, most children would not be attending school at all without the scholarships provided to them.

Scholarship Program

Scholarships are awarded by leadership at the school and based on need, academic performance, and motivation of the student. The school has students that do have families that are engaged in their education but also provides housing for orphaned children that most come from physically or sexually abusive homes and are proveided a safe place to live while attending school. For those that do have parents these parents are very engaged in the success of their children. Most parents never attended school, nor can they read and they believe that for their children to have a better life they must get an education.

Over the years, we have met most of the children that our scholarships are supporting. We have even traveled to the homes of a couple and met their parents and were able to see the very small, unbelievably simple manner in which they live. We are also given progress reports, report cards and letters from children and parents sharing their commitment to their education and appreciation for the opportunity they have been given. We have sponsored many children to primary school and four children to university over the last several years.

Where your dollars actually go

For $150 a year a child receives a safe environment with which to learn, tuition, food, clean water, school supplies and school uniforms. They are given an opportunity to work for a better life. By getting a primary education they have an opportunity to basic employment or continue to university. Ecuador higher education is free but students must pay room and board, food, and use of the internet. But few are able to take advantage of this opportunity because of lack of ability to pay the basics, especially for orphaned children.  A $3000 investment a year for a student that has worked so hard for so many years can provide them with a future in the working professional class and many are able to help support younger children to primary school.


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