I have been on two intergenerational trips organized by Kristie Stewart.  On the Peru trip, Kristie’s talent for convincing people they can really do challenging things and encouraging them along the way allowed a teenager, mother, and grandmother to complete the four-day hike of the Inca Trail.  The trip to Ecuador was my best vacation and one likely not to be repeated anytime soon.  Not only did she organize a variety of interesting activities that highlighted the spectacular scenery, she did so in way that allowed those who could ride bikes while others saw the same things from the vantage point of a jeep.  She was able to strike the right balance between time with the whole group and free time to pick from a number of options.  I would highly recommend any trip she organizes. You will come away better for having participated in the experience.   Mary Elise Haug

My son and I had a fabulous trip in Ecuador at a pivotal time of life. We not only enjoyed our time together but created meaningful relationships and shared educational experiences.

Even though the age range was great,  the daily experiences were diverse enough to meet individual needs.  In the evenings, we would reconnect with a meal, stories of daily activities, and a lot of laughter! The diversity of the group was the highlight of the trip!     
Catherine Bowie

Growing up my family and I were really close.  We spent a lot of time together doing what some might call extraordinary activities.  Having the opportunity to go to Peru in South America brought my mom, my grandmother, and myself even more.  Hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu was no easy task, and it was so fulfilling and rewarding to see my 70-year-old grandmother dig deep and give everything she had to complete the hike.  Of course our main purpose for going to Peru was to bring school supplies to an elementary school on a small island.  The look of joy on my grandmother’s face while being able to give back and make a difference brought a smile to my face and joy in my heart.  While in Peru we took every opportunity to go on adventures that would never be offered in the states, one of which was to repel down a waterfall.  Sounds a little dangerous for an elderly woman to do right?  It was a good thing we started the day out by repelling down a small cliff.  I could tell my grandmother was absolutely terrified, but she was determined to try her best.  As frightened as my grandma was, she saw that I was brave enough and nothing bad happened to me, so she repelled down the overhang.  Once she got back to the ground it was obvious she was extremely proud of herself for completing such a task, but very grateful to be back on the ground.  It was very pleasing to see my grandmother, and mother overcome their fears and successfully repel down the cliff.  Needless to say, my grandmother did not make it to the actual waterfall repel, but how many 70 year old women can say they have repelled down a rock face in South America?  It is because of this opportunity that I have so many stories to tell and good memories to look back on.  I am so fortunate to be able have had such a great and rare experience.  Megan Richardson